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Hearing Assessment 

(ages3.5 years +)

Pure-tone and speech audiometry, 

immittance measures and DPOAE 



Hearing Screening


Immittance Testing only

Assessment to monitor progress two

years after initial evaluation


Diagnostic Otoacoustic 

Emissions (OAE) Test only

Assessment to monitor progress two

years after initial evaluation


Auditory Processing 


Initial assessment to identify children 

who are at risk for APD


 APD Assessment 

(age 4-7)

Assessment of auditory processing skills using age appropriate tests, report and 

consultation to discuss results.


APD Assessment (age 8+ )            

Comprehensive assessment of auditory 

processing skills, report and consultaton to 

discuss results


Follow Up APD 


Assessment to monitor progress one to two

years after initial evaluation, report and 

consultation to discuss results. 


Auditory Brainstem 

Response (ABR)

 Test to assess the synchrony &

 integrity of the auditory neural 

pathways to the brainstem



Listening Therapy

Computer-based auditory training,

remote monitoring, office visits as 

needed  and post-therapy assessment

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Remote Mic (FM) Systems

Assistive Devices to improve the 

ability to hear in noise, in large 

groups and other difficult listening 


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Initial Consultation-15 minutes



Additional consultations and counselling with parents and family members

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Professional Communication

Additional Correspondence or Letters to 

support clinician's diagnosis. Multidiscipli-nary conferences with parents, school 

personnel and/or related professionals. 

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